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The moment when you look at agesold art and realize it look like ridiculous noodles people. 
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UberChimerism Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey there! Remember me?
Chibimita Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Yes. have to apologize for the late reply. Hold on.
UberChimerism Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
How have you been?

And remember how you were thrilled when I mentioned a Great White Beast? Well, I mention him a little more in this ^^
sothis27 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thank you very much for the :+fav:!!

Chibimita Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Student General Artist
You welcome. (You deserve it :-) )
sothis27 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks :aww:
shadowkittyart Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Did you freak out? I did?? I think we need to celebrate after this last chapter oh my god.!
Chibimita Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Student General Artist
My reaction to chapter 629:


yes. yes I did.:D

This made me respect and admire Rin's character even more! Finally I got what wished for! She is badass! Rin was no distressdamsel needing protection, well at that point.. She made him kill her. I loved how we could see her fot float up in the air before coming down! (She was that smart that she could time it that well?! :o I mean...the chidori is so fast..) She died by own choice so the village wouln't suffer! Omg It's so awesome!! :

Yes! We need to! But with what?
And How? A pinata? :o

It all makes sense now!
The Spiral Zetsu mentioning an experiment, ( oh god, poor Rin :( )
Why Obito took control over the Mizukage.../

Why Obito captured Isobu with Deidara.

Why he were so quiet after they captured Isobu. [link] (Around 06:06 )

"It lacked a host to actually harness its own power"

Why it never were mentioned in the village,because it happened after Obito got crushed!

But then new questions pop; What of Yagura, did he become Isobus host after Tobi and Deidara caught him?

Could Madara have orchestred the whole incident, so she became Isobu's jinchuriken?
He looked sad on that page...
I could really see the young Obito in this chapter, despite what he have become.
Oh, so he don't want to do this for Rin anymore... :(?

--------------Page 16...
Okey Obito, you have now convinced me that youre even more batshit-insane than I assumed you to be. (no offense to bats) I gotta admire that he says Kakashi needs to let go of the sorrow and guilt, but seriously! he is being so selfish! Rin nobly sacrificed herself for the village and he totally ruins it!

But I can understand why he would call her (and Kakashi) imposters. He could never cope with or accept that she choosed to die, so he is pretending that its all not real and the real ones will be replaced in his happy dreamworld. erhrhr!creepy.(shivers) It makes shipping them not so nice anymore. 3:

"She decided to die by the hands of the one she loved"

Jealous Obito?

Really Obito...! Do really have that hole in your chest?! :eyepopping: or genjutsu?!

Obito, we all know villains get a breakdown eventually...

He is really gone down the abyss. What will Kakashi do?
I kinda get the feeling Kishimoto suceeds in writing badass female characters, when they have/do a noble sacrifice/death.

The Ten-Tails regonized its daddy! Or man who killed it.
shadowkittyart Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I KNOWW!! I was freaking out the moment I saw the Isoabu behind Rin. XD It was such a wild guess but we managed to hunt for a lot of evidence! *CHEERS*

This just goes to show that Team Minato really was the most tragic. I mean every single one of the members went through something horrible and it left a permanent scar on the two that survived.( Well a literal scar on Obito XD ) Yeah! I loved the part of her timing her death too.. I can only imagine how Kakashi felt.. he must have felt so guilty but he was also so strong to actualyl live through that guilt! and Obito just happened to have the worst timing ever.

I know what you mean about seeing the young Obito! when he did that creepy laugh it almost looked like his younger self.. only a little sadistic and oh! I still think Madara was behind it in someway. It all just seemed too suspicious and if there is any hope for Obito going to the "good" side again it might because he finds out that it was Madara who ochestrated it and he was following in the footsteps of the person who indirectly murdered his childhood friend but then again he himself said that he's not doing it for Rin anymore which kinda made my shiping of these two go down a big :( I kinda sort of like Kakashi/Rin a little more after seeing the extent Rin went. Oh! and Obito wtfff??? Rin sacrificed her life just so the sanbi won't destoy Konoha but noooo a year or so later you decide to summon the nine tails and destroy konoha.. where is the logic in that?? *inset jackie chan meme*

and about the seals on Mitos hair. It is most probably a Uzumaki clan thing XD They are after all known for their sealing jutsus

It was awesome coming up with this Rin backstory theory with you! and especially awesome when it came true! I really hope our Sakura/Hashirama DNA thing also comes true! I'm willig to discuss that too cause this was a lot of fun! :D
Chibimita Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Student General Artist

Not so wild if one look closely. ;)

Two literal scars actually! Kakashi's eye. ;)
Yeah I agree. Kakashi was not ready for a realtionship when he young, but mhhmm. :)

I think Obito still cares about Rin though.

Its just...complicated.

Fist thing...she is dead. Could you still have feeling for someone who died? Yes, its just, not the same anymore.
Remember how he responded when Kakashi mentioned her name?

Time changes people.
He is not the same person he was back when he promised her to create a world where she was alive.

Remember when he tossed her flowers (lilies) into the air? Some months had gone, so he must have found out the truth. He was actually mad at her! (I always thought it was rude of him! >:-< didn't understand why he did it since he used to love her.)

If Rin ever manage to show up again, imagine what would happen. Look at how Sasuke changed when he got to see his (Edotenseied) brother again! That scene was so beautiful. :heart:

Insanity dryhumps logic.

Hey! This really does fits Nohara!

"Even In Death" "At the Price of Oblivion" -indeed.

I wonder if Rin had a seal on her stomach like Naruto do. What would it look like? Kirikagure-style?

About Isobu. He is shy! He looks freaky angrish and brutal but speaks in shy manner. Even his horns resemble a shy person hiding there face behind hair.

Rin disliked Tsukidani. Isobu, being a creature of the sea, probaly loves that seafood.
Having a tailed beast forced inside of you probaly makes no good start for a roomate-realtionship.


I ship Isobu X Rin!

Yeah! About that; When I read about the Sakura-Senju theory, I read about the part with her eyes, the colorsymbolism of green.

I thought:

"Nohara has brown hair and eyes, and those purple marks-what could they mean?"
So I googled it and guess what! :idea:

First; Read the text to the left for this cover. [link]
(Hey! Its lake! Foreshadowing again!)

Now here:

Brown: [link]

Purple: [link]

Her entire character consist of Peace!,home and safety, (and she knew!)

Just like Naruto,Yahiko,Hashirama, and people before and after her. =D

A place to call home. A place of peace. Man who has no home nor know peace, will be wandering lost.

When that peace is gone, Obito was- we know the story.

Rin is, home, Peace and safety.
Kakashi is Guilt, or Regret
Obito is Hatred, or Destuction.
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