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Did Battler ever find out who Yasu really was? Her orginal name? What she really looked like? And that she was not completly female, nor completly a male either?

I think it be very interesting if he did. That would have forced him to look at his own orientation and then hopefully eventually accept her just the way she is. Even if she couldnt herself.

Did Yasu use magic or simply a wig and breast pads to turn/disquise herself into Beatrice?

Did Yasu literally become a witch? Or was that only a illusion?

Was the parts of the story about magic and Witches even real? Or was it all just a metaphor?
I am looking for a beta reader that could help me betaread with a Naruto fanfiction. Prefeably someone who I can discuss plot and grammar corection with.

I looked at and they have....over 1000,0 suggetions. I am unsure which one to choose since there are so many. Should I pick just a random or try asking numerous? Advice would be helpful. Thank you.
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No. Green Pancakes is delicious. No, the Spinach have no plans to murder you in your sleep whatareyoutakingabout?.

You know when you lie on the couch, and your cat decides your stomach is an excellent to sleep? Then, you make a sound with your throat, as if your dying, and the cats eyes dilates as it looks at you with a "what in the faboulousness name" face. You start giggling. The cat wiggle up and down like jelly on top of your belly. You start laughing. The cat wont stop shaking like a vibrating toothbrush from the movement of your laughter. You start laughing more. The cat finally jumps down. Mission Suceeded.

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